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Police Station

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Police interrogation assistance

Police interrogation assistance in Torquay

Police station visits

Police station visits

Arriving at a police station, whether arrested and brought by the police, or whether attending voluntarily by arrangement, can be a daunting and scary experience. It is your legal right to have representation, and it's FREE. Let us put your mind at ease. We operate throughout Torquay and the wider area.

Being questioned can be overwhelming for anyone, especially as the investigator can often ask you a number of questions in quick succession. A representative from Phoenix Solicitors & Advocates will be with you during questioning to advise you accordingly.
Looking for information regarding a motoring offence? Call us today for advice and help.

If you didn't do it, we'll help you prove it

Due to the invasive nature of police questioning, it is common for people to admit to things they didn't do just to escape the situation. Let us take that pressure off.

Appearing in court in the morning?

If you or your family members have been fast tracked to appear in court the next day or on the Monday after a weekend, then speak to us and we'll be there to represent him or her right away.
Call 01803 219 220
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